Colin is a keynote speaker and media commentator who focuses on a wide range of consumer challenges facing both the public and private sectors.  Topics he has recently covered include:

Behavioural trends:   A range of disruptive forces, from digital disruption to the climate emergency, have crystallised with the advent of COVID to fundamentally transform our lives.  The way our minds work has not changed but the way we engage with the world and each other has changed beyond all recognition.

What will stick?:  It is commonly considered that new habits take 21 days to form:  on that basis, as we enter a new way of living, how can we tell what new behaviours are going to be with us in the long-term and which will fall by the wayside?

The Mind Economy:  Technology is not only reshaping the way we behave but it is increasingly recognised that it is also radically changing the way we think.  This fundamentally changes brand strategy and the way we measure consumer behaviour.

The behavioural science of health:  The increasing consumerisation of health means that we are being asked to make decisions about our lives that were once the preserve of healthcare professionals.  What is the psychology of how we respond?  And can we rely on our own calculations of risk?

The human side of big data:  It is easy to forget that behind each data point is a person.  This raises a host of questions such as what is the human side of making sense of data, how can we identify new ways to understand people through their data trails and, importantly, what is the human experience of living in a data-intensive environment?

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Some of the comments on Colin’s speaking:

Rahul Jerome, Founder – Insight-Intelligence.com

I feel lucky to have had the pleasure of working with Colin over the last few years. He is one of those people who will always be on top of the list of speakers to have at our conferences. He is charismatic, engaging and full of energy on stage. He ensures the content he delivers thoroughly resonates with the audience. I wouldn’t have any hesitation recommending Colin as a keynote speaker.

Andreas Alexiou, Innovation Manager. Digital Catapult, London

Colin kindly accepted the invitation to talk about best business practices of how to discover consumer insights hidden in data. He also mentioned some insightful consumer trends that dictate what marketing and sales teams should be thinking of to enhance customer experiences.  It was great to have Colin with us as he is the type of person that has the ability to inspire and make people think about the possibilities of a disruptive idea. Specifically, he talked about the intersection between technology and behavioral science, suggesting that technology has influenced the way consumers take decisions about products and services. Colin is an expert in this field and therefore trustworthy of the concepts he brings in front of the audience.

Neil Mortensen, Director of Audiences ITV plc

Colin has worked with ITV on a number of occasions this year. He has presented to a real cross-section within the company. He is always engaging and insightful and has the ability to get a hold of complex issues in a clear and often inspiring way.

Tilly Smith, Conference Producer. CIPD Events

Colin spoke for The CIPD at The Behavioural Science at Work Conference 2017 on the topic Combining Data Science and Behavioural Science to Influence the Future of HR. I approached him to present after reading some of his published material, which I found to be both refreshing in its originality and relevant for an audience of HR and L&D professionals. In his presentation, Colin offered practical insight into using data to unpick employee behaviour and how to increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration in the workplace. His points were received with intrigue and enthusiasm, which spurred healthy discussion amongst audience members. Colin spoke with a passionate confidence that reignited the room’s energy after lunchtime. It was a pleasure to work with Colin and to have him feature as a headliner at our event. I would certainly recommend collaborating with Colin if you’re seeking a presenter with innovative ideas and a strong delivery to complement them.