Frontline BeSci:  This blog covers the way in which we can apply behavioural science to messy and complicated real world challenges.  The topics reflect the day to day thinking and practice involved when working on the wide range of challenges set by governments, NGOs and brands.

Facta+:  This is a long-term project which explores the question we all seek to answer – the meaning of being human.  Part social science, part philosophy the blog is ambitious in setting out the way in which our beliefs about ourselves that have more or less remained the same since the seventeenth century are being fundamentally challenged by a combination of climate emergency and technology disruption.

Humanizing Big Data:  The book provides a detailed understanding of the ways to approach and think about the challenges and opportunities of data.  The book is divided into three sections:  1) How to derive insights from data 2) The new ways we can understand human behaviour through data and 3) The consumer experience of living in a data-intensive world.